The Neo-Con-Liberal-NaZi Connection: How A Chinese Black Operation became the main supplier of CPSU funds for Endless War

The CIA (Cocaine Import Administration) and US intelligence and federal government’s involvement in drug trafficking and other illegal activity is something that should at least be known by any person whose brain has not been roasted by corporate lies and DHS mental warfare operations against all humanity, if not I recommend you do some serious research on the subject.

However what is less well known is that initially Western intelligence was not the real source of the drug problem plaguing the American continent. What we now know as the modern distribution of illegal drugs was initialized by one of the most sadistic and brutal men to have ever lived, Mao Zedong. An early member of what we now call the ‘neoconservative movement’ in the West, Zedong ordered the state-sanctioned production of opium after WW2 in order to fuel a drug addiction in the West that would eventually destroy capitalism and bring about the world revolution foretold by the ideological father of this destructive ideology, Leon Trotsky.

The plan worked so well that the French defenders of what is now known as Vietnam were forced to leave because of the rampant drug addiction among their forces. Meanwhile the then ‘liberal’-dominated CIA was on a all time high due to its installation of closet trillionaire and double-dealing butcher Fidel Castro and his marrano buddy Ernesto Guevara (who later moved to Israel and converted to Orthodox Judaism before his death) in the Caribbean via a massive propaganda campaign in American media. One thing that the DHS-controlled corporate media fails to mention is that Cuba before its destruction by the ‘revolution’ was on its way to becoming an economic powerhouse despite Bastia’s eccentricity. When Che and his drug lord billionaire buddy seized power the island became a hellhole you could only see in nightmares. How that happened is a long story but since we’re focusing on the ‘neo-cons’ and their connections to the underworld, We’ll leave it at there for now.

The NSA faked an attack on American forces by the Vietcong, getting Americans into a needless war that was both wasteful and unwanted. Both the Communist Party of China and American intelligence had a warm time producing and distributing drugs to anyone who wanted them through pasties and front-men, while American boys were coming home in body bags and the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of Vietnam committed numerous atrocities in the name of the revolution. ‘Counter-culture’, initially a method of DHS subversion later utilized by the FBI in what is now known as ‘Operation COUNTERINPRO’ created a mass-backlash to the mostly wasteful war and Johnson lost through negotiation what the Armed Forces had won through sheer force and power.

Enter a new player in this macabre scheme of things: the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and its secret police/ intelligence division: The Department of State Security aka the Ministry of Interior, SMERSH, or just plain old KGB. Unlike the likes of Fidel, Mao and many other followers of Trotsky’s insane ideology of world revolution [by any means necessary], the CPSU had followed the concept of Socialism in One Country, which while no less destructive than the global revolution prophesied by Lenin and Trotsky, actually was more practical and even helped the Soviet Union somewhat. Khrushchev unwisely was looking for a way to outdo Stalin in espionage and defeating the West in the great game of politics, and the discovery of the Chinese opium fields by Soviet intelligence was like a blessing from God to him and the KGB.

He and a crony quickly drew up a similar plot to undermine the West and leave the Soviet Union ascendant over the entire world. The plan, along with a replica of a joint PRC-DPRK project on mind control during the Korean War was quickly adopted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party but didn’t work out as well as Khrushchev and his buddies had hoped initially. However a movie glorifying the life of the hippy culture was enough to light the spark they had set and the illegal drug trade, at first ran by Eastern European and Cuban intelligence with the backing of the CPSU took off like a rocket.

When the dope buisness began showing signs of growth, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union tried to regulate and control it in an attempt to use it as a weapon against the West.

Cuba and other Soviet puppets were busy trying to build it up but it just was too big for them alone to manage and it was practically abandoned when the US government, soon to rival the Chinese Communist Party as the largest distributor of addictive substances came into play.

Uncle Sam, realizing the power of narcotics to control the populace and subdue resistance, had the CIA infiltrate the drug trade and start producing narcotics to sell to unsuspecting Americans across the continent. Drug distribution and profit were also a major factor in the backing of Al-quaida (CIA SAD front) in Afghanistan against the Soviets, who were planning their big move to the West. When the Taliban later started cutting into Western dope profits by banning opium production, the US invaded the country, pathetically stating the Mossad attack on the Trade Towers and the destruction of the Pentagon by a missile of unknown origin called “9-11”.

“American” intelligence has not abandoned drugs and won’t do so for as long as it exists, the profits from such activity is too great. Plus it helps in maintaining the ruined state of the black community in the US.


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