Fix Your Own Goddamn Problems: Skeptics, Simps and White Supremacists Are the New Collection of Useful Idiots


The modern day black woman’s tendency for violence and destruction should be known to all by now, with her tendency of bastard kids, (which we Jamaicans call ‘jackets’), weaved up bald head, nasty language and tattooed body being a big contributor to the destruction of American black culture and the subsequent moral fall of that nation, assisted by useful idiot skeptics who refused to grow out of the high school mentality and move on with their lives, corrupt government agencies looking for more power over the people as well as the goose stepping Brown Shirts known as the ‘pro-black’ movement. You don’t see Cubans trying to get into Jamaica or even Florida illegally without a reason nor Venezuelan refugees becoming a nuisance like Mexicans and Central Americans are in the US, yet the SJWs and far left nuts want open borders and free healthcare for all no matter what the price they have to pay. Illegal immigration is destroying Europe and escalating racial tensions in the sub-continent, yet these idiots rail against anything that is against their little cult as ‘anti-science’ and ‘extremist’.

If these fools had to run from a ISIS black ops squad when their church was being burnt down and their congregation murdered just because they happened to be in the way of these intelligence operatives’ reign of terror maybe they would be singing a diffrent tune..ah wait, facts that weren’t approved by some scientific journal don’t exist to SJWs and skeptics.

The alt-right is also a big pat of the problem as these guys mostly choose to ‘keyboard warrior’ and waste their time and energy fighting the skeptics and SJWs without concrete results. Ihran Omar and AOC, as naive and politically stupid as they are, at least took on Nazi Isreal, the ‘Thousand Year Reich’ that Hitler believed would rule the world and supported BDS. Where was ‘Anti-fascist Action’ or the likes of Combat 18 then, huh?

To the so called skeptics, whom I believe will find themselves in a concentration camp soon if they don’t wise up and realize that life isn’t a fairytale, and truth doesn’t disappear when it doesn’t fit our ideological belief, fighting Flat Earthers and UFO nuts and having the appearance of objectivity and expertise doesn’t make you a indisputable authority. Nobody cares about that third PhD you got from a university or that you can do all the arcane arts of mathematics in the world, nor is the world a blank canvass on which you can impress all your lofty ideals and Utopian visions without consequence. What matters is hard facts and objective truth which doesn’t disappear when some dude in a lab coat or a professor says it does.

Yuri Bezmenov and Anatoly Goltyzn warned us about these people back in the 80s and 90s and we refused to listen, partially because the Soviet Empire was collapsing at the time and no one believed the CPSU would just close shop and move to Europe where it could manipulate all the useful idiots and true believers it wanted without being caught. But their dire predictions of society coming to a collapse as a result of ignorant, bigoted and prejudiced academics and stupid racial supremacists ring truer even now, as France and the UK take severe beatings for refusing to put up with the EUSSR party line.

Workers of the world, unite anyone?

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Tells you the importance of a good education system and teaching people to learn from  history, instead of using it as a weapon to beat their opponents with.

The fascist ‘race power’ ideology is a big fucking joke and should have been dropped from the 1990s at the earliest. It’s outdated, it’s lame and it still hangs on to the 1880s-1920s mode of thinking which doesn’t work in the 21th century. The so-called Western nations of the Americas, Europe and Africa need Ghaffidis, JFKs, Deng Xiaopings and Lee Kuan Yews fast, or some Code Geass style  of government or else the simps, beta white boys and the regressive left might drive us into annihilation.

The white boys and black females love to dick police black men but whom do you find fucking young foreign women and screwing every thug on the block, not us for sure! If the matriarchy is not removed from the community soon this will be the fate of the West:

This is just an extreme case of an everyday occurrence in Jamaica. The AR rifles prized so much by gun nuts in the US are a joke in Jamaica, the thugs get heavy duty equipment even the Cartels would love to have from the ruins of Haiti and Venezuela as well as in mass shipments from other sources. The island is a major part of the drug trade in Latin America, the criminals exchange guns for cocaine and use lottery scamming money to pay for it. Montego Bay and other cities in the Western parishes have become like the Mexican tourist areas, the money that really keeps them going comes from lottery scamming and other criminal activities. The island is a complete cesspool and narco criminal state, paying bribes and infidelity is as common as breathing down here.

This will be the fate of the rest of the West if these white boys, communist nuts and neo-Nazi simps are not dealt with and neutralized, places like LA and Detroit are beginning to look the same way due to regressive far left politics.

As I said before I have no pity for modern day skeptics, simps, hoods of any ethnicity or race, denegrate black females and racist soyboys and beta males, they made their bed now they must lie in it. I refuse to be the clean up man for anybody, fix your own damn problems for once instead of using black men as the boogeyman black females, incels and simps.



Disgusting ‘White Supremacist’ Leftists

The regressive left and its pathetic army of trolls, true believers, useful idiots for totalitarian National Bolshevik/Trotskyist ideology and its disgusting derivatives, has always pushed the narrative that everything on the spectrum on the left is good and that the so-called right is a bunch of evil retards who cannot understand their so-called intellectualism. How defending suicide bombers who also traffic soul-destroying drugs into the West and the rest of the world for their jihad-loving masters, totalitarian theocratic zealots (as long as they oppose Afro-European civilization and free market enterprise) , some of who hid their sick ideology under the fake premise of equality in the past, and cokehead authoritarians pushing fake science and authority worship on the population {who to make things fair, have been brainwashed by the corporate intelligence agency-run propaganda rag known as the mainstream media that any form of dissidence is somehow crazy} has anything to do with liberty and freedom is a question I have always asked myself. Even when the hardcore totalitarian Trotskyists hidden inside the conservative side of politics exploited terror attacks to push their own revolutionary agenda in the early 2000s, the lemmings on the mainstream side of things refused to do their research on the movement, nor even try to figure out what even caused the attacks in the first place, and instead followed the regime line of ‘everyone who disagrees with the official version of events, no matter how inconsistent and stupid it gets, is somehow crazy for exercising a basic right of citizenry.’

Despite my focus on the spiritually-retarded and intellectually-bankrupt left, people of faith are not off the hook either. Religion these days has become a joke, a pathetic mockery of its former self that refuses to stand for anything that is truly just and right while allowing once civilized, prosperous nations that were the envy of the world in days gone by, to be taken over and destroyed by some of the most barbaric and disgusting savages in the history of the human race, all in the name of fighting ‘terrorists’ which are either

  1. backed by these drone states to destroy dissidents in foreign nations for the host authority,
  2. created by totally corrupt and morally bankrupt ‘intelligence agencies’ who go on killing sprees in foreign nations and then blame the person investigating when things go wrong, in order to justify repression in the home country as well as terror and war abroad.
  3. Fronts for theft of resources, drug trafficking and organized activities in occupied lands.
  4. Resistance movements opposing communist terror and destruction of their nations by retarded revolutionaries and their legions of brainwashed followers and other necessary innocents, who ironically are usually the first persons to get removed from power when the revolutionaries gain power in either one of the affected nations.

Despite claiming to be the opposite and the very thing internationalist leftists should fear, white supremacists and their ideological allies in pro-black fascists are just simply another side of the regressive left, despite them infiltrating and dominating the right. The white supremacist movement’s pathetic love for jokers like Adolf Schichenberger and his National Socialist [Zionist] Worker’s Party of Greater Germany and British Palestine, which roasted an untold number of Jews in industrial level furnaces and committed ethnic cleansing and genocide on a scale never seen before, all in the name of frightening the Jews of Europe into heading to Palestine where Nazi-friendly groups seized control of the government and turned the area into a warzone where Jewish and Muslim extremists shoot, bomb and kill the hell out of each other while fighting for media attention is shocking and frightening. The fact that many of these white supremacist groups have abandoned Afro-Christianity, [which delivered Europe from barbarism and allowed it to survived the Middle Ages] and returned to tribal paganism is disgusting and frightening.

As usual these white males as a group have no real common sense or any sense of true organizing or style to deal with things like Cultural Marxism or foreign interests seizing control of government, it makes no sense being able to split all the atoms in the world if you are unable to maintain or even run a stable government. This is probably the reason why Europe started going downhill after the 1840s, the commoners, scientists and arrogant intellectuals simply could not handle the stress of dealing with such matters after the revolution, and the whole continent fell into a state of free fall that paved the way for WW1 and WW2. Meanwhile in the Americas where the influence of slavery was supposed to have destroyed all manner of civilization, African Christians were building schools, churches and homes for the recently freed slaves and using the theory of free-market capitalism they had brought from the motherland to fund and sustain such ventures.

It’s funny how white males and black women will scream on and lecture white women and black males about ‘racial purity’, but whom do you find f…king young foreign women and screwing every worthless thug on the block?

Not thinking black men for sure.

When was the last time a intelligence agent thug posing as a ‘terrorist’ ever got into the Caribbean or Latin America and blew himself up or shot up some unlucky victims in the name of money or the Quran, even the most ardent follower of Pravda-style, Commie-loving sites like Snopes knows the answer. The most recent of those attacks were in 2001, after the 9/11 farce that sealed the deal for the US and the rest of the West in Mexico and 2009, when two clowns working for Mossad attempted to assassinate the Trinidadian Prime Minister. I call these people such mocking names because who seriously shoots up innocent people, drives passenger jets into buildings or straps suicide bombs to himself and blows up some random area? Only a nut, or a mentally insane person. However when these psychos do it under the cover of ‘domestic security’ or ‘geopolitics’ then it’s alright?

WTF sort of mental gymnastics is going on man? And them people wonder why morality and reason has left the west.

How can we hope to have any form of morality or any form of true reasoning if we continue to support such henious and barbaric behavior?

What makes the situation worse is that these nuts build a large amount of strawmen and false situations when debating opponents, present them as ‘dissent’ and them knock them down, making everyone who opposes the almighty mainstream look like a bunch of kooks and idiots that need to be put down for the ‘greater good’. Of course the terrorists and their supporters don’t tell their deluded followers that after the so-called ‘enemy’ is removed, the climatologists, fake ‘skeptics’ and social justice demagoges will all be lined up against the wall and then shot or placed in concentration camps.

Communist Madness

The regressive Left and its virtual army of useful idiots, common sense and scientific method haters along with scientism worshipers and state-loving mobs, has enjoyed a state of continued dominance in the mainstream consciousness of the West for many years.

This has lead to the likes of Full Auto Frankenweiss and Hernandez the drug dealer engaging the Italian Mafia in gun battles, creating black market empires, laundering money through legitimate sources, stealing nuclear technologies and giving them to Muhammad the jihadi and other unfriendly actors and getting off with a slap on the wrist while black men keep the prison industrial complex in business and nobody says a thing, for fear of accusations of ‘waycism’ which is absolutely ridiculous if you look at it closely. This political correctness doctrine and all the madness it has produced is killing the West fast, look at what was once Europe and how the Muslim migrants are establishing dominance. The UK and France are taking beatings for daring to leave the EUSSR and yet the leftists in the USA still want open borders and free stuff for all no matter what the cause. This is why I refuse to feel sorry for the modern day Cult of Reason known as the skeptic movement when the alt-right monster they helped create bit them back in the ass, when they were busy fighting UFO nuts on Youtube and tearing down society in the name of science and reason other people had to foot the bill.

These skeptics love to accuse their opponents of being ‘anti-science’ and mentally ill but look at who is pushing for corporate consumerism, failed socialist ideology and academic elitism – we can compare it to the outdated fascist race power ideology an the fact that it has done nothing to help the plight of black men and white women in the last 100 years.

As I said before there is a war going on out there in society. The combatants are the alpha black male who refuses to take crap from anyone no matter who it is and demands standards and accountability, the regressive left including SJWs and skeptics who will continue to push for their failed Utopian vision no matter how many people they destroy to get it, the soyboys and beta males known as ‘white nationalists’ who are just as ridiculous as the Communist useful idiots that helped create them, criminal organizations looking to make more money off the masses without being caught, the fascist simps that still think it’s the 1930s and Marcus Garvey is still alive as well as the greedy black woman that will continue to make a fool out of herself and bring everything she touches to ruin.

The alpha black male most likely was raised in a two parent home with a strong paternal presence. This is in direct contrast to the black hoes and beta white males whose father was replaced by the state, hence many of them turn to Communism, National Socialism or Fascism which all depend on the power of the state to implement their respective ideology. It also makes him a threat to the system as the nuclear family is what the powers that be despise the most despite their so-called philanthropic ideals – why do you think the black man and white female were kicked out of the home in the 1960s?

He demands standards and accountability which makes the black hoes, simps and white boys tremble in their boots and the elite shake in fear – following the traditions of the Moors and their contemporaries in the European Ancien Regime.

The simps and white nationalists will continue to make utter jackasses out of themselves and provide the skeptics and SJWs with even more ammunition to destroy themselves and Western society as a whole. The regressive left will be emboldened by their supposed success and continue to blame ‘psuedoscience’ ‘privilege’ and ‘anti-intellectualism’ for their problems and that of society, simply unaware that they are just a bunch of useful idiots that will be executed once their usefulness runs out.

The black woman will continue to have tons upon tons of jackets with worthless and degenerate individuals and continue to drain the black man via child support as is her duty to the state.

Why do most terrorist attacks happen in Europe and the US and not in areas like the UAE, Quatar, Japan, China, Indonesia and Singapore which have a native Muslim population?

Moshe and Shlomo  know that they better stay inside where ever the trade or weapon deal is going on in Shanghai, Osaka and Busan and can’t jump the fence and act like they own the place while being a strain on resources and a general nuisance to society, burn down churches and accuse the locals of ‘racism’ when they try to sue for damages, manipulate nerds and geeks into shooting up churches as a means to try and seize people’s guns and enforce their outdated and barbaric religious law on ordinary people, lest Bat, Mashimoto and Kim Lee Wok team up and either go full Hotoko Shinken or Die Hard on their asses. The East Asian countries also have a better work ethic and less entitlement mentality among their intellectual class and well as a strong hate for feminism.

All in contrast to what was once the West where the black female and the racist white man rule over the black community with an iron fist keeping it in a perpetual state of poverty, the people who could be the next Edison, Tesla, Einstein or Lee Kuan Yew waste their lives battling UFO nuts and Flat Earth nuts and protesting over utter nonsense, nerdy and geeky white boys become a nuisance to society when they can’t get laid instead of accepting competition and stepping up their game, useful idiots waste their time tearing down what remains of the Church when religious extremists from foreign lands gather in force to enforce Sharia Law, the Talmud and the Kabbalah on the West and rightfully pointing out that giving trillions to theocratic hellholes that fund and arm some of the most barbaric terror groups on the planet when your country suffers earns you the title of ‘racist’ from politicians on both sides of the political aisle.

Yet I’m supposed to feel sorry for white boys when they can’t get laid and then shoot up schools, pity for skeptics when they are faced with the very same Neo-Nazi and ‘alt-right’ monsters their movement helped create, ‘thinking of the children’ instead of the huge pile of bodies intelligence agencies and Wahabbi Islam leaves in their wake and I’m supposed to ignore the Palestinian holocaust and the many human rights violations accumulated by Israel in its ethnic cleansing project -paid for by American tax dollars mind you, because it’s ‘anti-Semitic’ according to mainstream conservatives and modern skeptics, who love to screech about Nazis but ignore the ones surviving in the Middle East for some reason. Weaponized empathy, the best weapon to destroy opposition.

Yuri Bezmenov and Anatoly Goltyzn tried to warn us but we refused to listen mainly because the Soviet Union was collapsing and nobody believed the CPSU would just pack up and move to Western Europe where they could manipulate all the useful idiots they wanted. Now we’re paying the price for our ignorance and it may be too late to save what’s left of the Western Nations of the Americas, Africa and Europe.

The Neo-Con-Liberal-NaZi Connection: How A Chinese Black Operation became the main supplier of CPSU funds for Endless War

The CIA (Cocaine Import Administration) and US intelligence and federal government’s involvement in drug trafficking and other illegal activity is something that should at least be known by any person whose brain has not been roasted by corporate lies and DHS mental warfare operations against all humanity, if not I recommend you do some serious research on the subject.

However what is less well known is that initially Western intelligence was not the real source of the drug problem plaguing the American continent. What we now know as the modern distribution of illegal drugs was initialized by one of the most sadistic and brutal men to have ever lived, Mao Zedong. An early member of what we now call the ‘neoconservative movement’ in the West, Zedong ordered the state-sanctioned production of opium after WW2 in order to fuel a drug addiction in the West that would eventually destroy capitalism and bring about the world revolution foretold by the ideological father of this destructive ideology, Leon Trotsky.

The plan worked so well that the French defenders of what is now known as Vietnam were forced to leave because of the rampant drug addiction among their forces. Meanwhile the then ‘liberal’-dominated CIA was on a all time high due to its installation of closet trillionaire and double-dealing butcher Fidel Castro and his marrano buddy Ernesto Guevara (who later moved to Israel and converted to Orthodox Judaism before his death) in the Caribbean via a massive propaganda campaign in American media. One thing that the DHS-controlled corporate media fails to mention is that Cuba before its destruction by the ‘revolution’ was on its way to becoming an economic powerhouse despite Bastia’s eccentricity. When Che and his drug lord billionaire buddy seized power the island became a hellhole you could only see in nightmares. How that happened is a long story but since we’re focusing on the ‘neo-cons’ and their connections to the underworld, We’ll leave it at there for now.

The NSA faked an attack on American forces by the Vietcong, getting Americans into a needless war that was both wasteful and unwanted. Both the Communist Party of China and American intelligence had a warm time producing and distributing drugs to anyone who wanted them through pasties and front-men, while American boys were coming home in body bags and the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of Vietnam committed numerous atrocities in the name of the revolution. ‘Counter-culture’, initially a method of DHS subversion later utilized by the FBI in what is now known as ‘Operation COUNTERINPRO’ created a mass-backlash to the mostly wasteful war and Johnson lost through negotiation what the Armed Forces had won through sheer force and power.

Enter a new player in this macabre scheme of things: the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and its secret police/ intelligence division: The Department of State Security aka the Ministry of Interior, SMERSH, or just plain old KGB. Unlike the likes of Fidel, Mao and many other followers of Trotsky’s insane ideology of world revolution [by any means necessary], the CPSU had followed the concept of Socialism in One Country, which while no less destructive than the global revolution prophesied by Lenin and Trotsky, actually was more practical and even helped the Soviet Union somewhat. Khrushchev unwisely was looking for a way to outdo Stalin in espionage and defeating the West in the great game of politics, and the discovery of the Chinese opium fields by Soviet intelligence was like a blessing from God to him and the KGB.

He and a crony quickly drew up a similar plot to undermine the West and leave the Soviet Union ascendant over the entire world. The plan, along with a replica of a joint PRC-DPRK project on mind control during the Korean War was quickly adopted by the Central Committee of the Communist Party but didn’t work out as well as Khrushchev and his buddies had hoped initially. However a movie glorifying the life of the hippy culture was enough to light the spark they had set and the illegal drug trade, at first ran by Eastern European and Cuban intelligence with the backing of the CPSU took off like a rocket.

When the dope business began showing signs of growth, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union tried to regulate and control it in an attempt to use it as a weapon against the West.

Cuba and other Soviet puppets were busy trying to build it up but it just was too big for them alone to manage and it was practically abandoned when the US government, soon to rival the Chinese Communist Party as the largest distributor of addictive substances came into play.

Uncle Sam, realizing the power of narcotics to control the populace and subdue resistance, had the CIA infiltrate the drug trade and start producing narcotics to sell to unsuspecting Americans across the continent. Drug distribution and profit were also a major factor in the backing of Al-quaida (CIA SAD front) in Afghanistan against the Soviets, who were planning their big move to the West. When the Taliban later started cutting into Western dope profits by banning opium production, the US invaded the country, pathetically stating the Mossad attack on the Trade Towers and the destruction of the Pentagon by a Hypersonic Cruise Missile, fired from a Skywarrior plane turned into a drone,called “9-11”.

“American” intelligence has not abandoned drugs and won’t do so for as long as it exists, the profits from such activity is too great. Plus it helps in maintaining the ruined state of the black community in the US.

Hello World

This is Zero of the Black Knights speaking, I noticed that there weren’t a lot of sites dealing with the truth of this world and being logical about it, so I decided to make my own. Please bear in mind that Neo-Nazism, pro-communist and Pan-Africanist garbage will not be tolerated. The main purpose of this site is to expose the lies we have been fed by the mainstream media and acceptable history, and to provide suitable countermeasures for interested persons.